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The reserve can be reached from the town of Jardín, Antioquia, by way of a 4-wheel drive jeep service that takes about 1-1/2 hours. The closest city is Medellin served by the Rionegro International Airport (MDE). The town is about a 2-1/2 hour drive from the city of Medellin or a 45 minute helicopter flight. Jardín is probably one of the most beautiful "pueblos" in all of Colombia and we recommend spending some time there.



In the end,

we will conserve what we love,

we will love what we understand,

and we will understand

only what we have been taught.

                                                  Baba Dioum

MAIN STATION -- We provide several levels of accommodations, from private VIP cabins to cozy shared-bathroom quarters. All rooms are fully furnished for a good night's rest. 


We have 24-hour (120V) electricity and have a back-up power plant in case of a power outage. We also have  10 mb wi-fi access and cellular connectivity. Other perks include hot water and laundry service.

MEALS AND SNACKS - We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner plus mid-morning and afternoon snacks which are included as part of your stay.


We have layer hens that provide fresh eggs and we rear our trouts with pure mountain spring water. Corn tortillas are made with local grown corn and our delicious bean soup is also made with locally harvested mountain beans.


RELAX: If you just want to take it easy around the main station, watch the hummingbird feeders, take a short walk to the San Juan Antioquia river to bathe in it, or just enjoy breathing the fresh air surrounded by nature, the Mesenia-Paramillo nature reserve is a place to rest and disconnect.


GUIDES - During your visit, one of our local park rangers will always accompany the person or group. It is imperative that everyone follows guidelines to avoid getting lost or slipping on the trails.

Uriel at Oak Tree.png

HIKING - There is a system of trails at the reserve that reach altitudes of around 10,000 feet (3,000 meters): "Paramillo" and "Abejorro" Massifs, "Alto del Oso" and "Plan de Maria Jesus". These four sites will get your heart pumping and require a full day of hiking.


There are other trails that do not require such effort: "El Alto" and "Bosque Encantado", and a few others, can be done during the morning. 


BIRD WATCHING - The reserve has 20% of the bird species found in Colombia. There are 30 IUCN threatened and 26 endemic or restricted-range bird species at the reserve, making this area one of the most critical habitats for birds in all of the Americas. So far, 373 species have been registered. Several rare species are common at the reserve and can even be seen at the station. For those early risers, we provide an early breakfast or take out meals.


ORCHIDS AND PLANTS - Orchids at the reserve come in all forms and sizes, from the miniature Andinia, Stelis and Lepanthes, to the larger Masdevallia, Maxillaria and Dracula. Close to 100 species have been recorded and a complete inventory is still under way. Our most recent discovery is that of a new Dracula orchid for science.


AMPHIBIANS - For those interested in seeing frogs, the observations will require mainly hiking at night. The reserve is still quite unexplored and new species may be found quite readily.


INSECTS - Invertebrates are the most abundant of organisms at the reserve. At night, many moths are attracted to the cabin lights. During sunny mornings many butterflies can also bee observed. Walking on the trails also provides a chance to view many colorful bugs.

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