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BIOCONSERVANCY (formerly The Hummingbird Conservancy-THC) promotes various projects that involves the active participation of the community. All projects are centered around conservation of strategic areas where there is high biodiversity, taking into consideration the social and economic priorities of the community. We support the local school and community action board to identify what are the needs and expectations of the community. We consider this is key to the long-term survivability and sustainability of our conservation projects. 

Planters of Hope - This project entails the reforestation and restoration of 566 hectares of pasturelands to allow animal populations to reconnect and increase the gene pool. The women of the La Mesenia  community tend to the nurseries that provide the native trees to the project. This provides an important source of income to their families.


Natural World --

is a printed booklet to provide children, through their school teachers, the necessary tools to study, comprehend, analyze and reflect upon the ecological processes and effects of their actions on the environment.


We help educate local stakeholders as to their role and importance of protecting the environment. Learning how the community can benefit directly from conservation of watersheds and the positive impact this will have in their daily lives. This activity will allow the community to learn about the flora and fauna of the forest and their importance in maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

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In the end,

we will conserve what we love,

we will love what we understand,

and we will understand

only what we have been taught.

                                                  Baba Dioum



Keeping our Home Clean - We are installing modern septic tanks in each home and school, 23 septic tanks in total, to prevent the contamination of the San Juan Antioquia river. Also, we are teaching the members of the community how to manage and dispose of waste material; both organic and inorganic waste.

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Road to Sweetness - After 20 years of being non-operational, we built a road to a sugar cane mill that will allow villagers to manufacture nature's organic sweetener from sugar cane at profitable costs for export, bringing sustainable income to the growers. We are committed to assisting the community in establishing productive systems that are compatible, or that cause a minimal impact, on the surrounding environment, and that can provide basic food needs and economic stability to stakeholders leading to a sustainable management of natural resources and conservation of biodiversity.​​

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