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December 2020 - The Mesenia-Paramillo Nature Reserve Ecolodge: Looking forward to 2021

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The year 2020 is coming to a close and what appeared to have been a year with many visitors to our newly revamped Ecolodge, turn out to be quite different due to the Coronavirus pandemic. As a virologist, I knew it was just a matter of time for such world-wide epidemic to occur. Luckily it turned out to be less deadly than expected, with long-term issues yet to be seen, but with a vaccine in sight a more positive outlook for the near future. Fortunately, La Mesenia village has remained a Covid 19-free environment and we strive to keep it that way. One of the most important outcomes was that local stakeholders were very strict and followed all the health recommendations of wearing masks when visiting the town of Jardín, and also practiced social distancing and hygiene measures. This has in turned demonstrated villagers that they can prevent transmission of other illnesses, such as the common cold and influenza, which used to be a constant occurrence within the village.

Being able to spend several months at the reserve during the quarantine period, allowed for putting finishing touches on our infrastructure in order to provide visitors with superb accommodations, food and service, and thousands of acres to enjoy nature. Two cabins, with a total of three rooms, have been upgraded with many perks to make your stay at the reserve a life memory event. The following photos will give you a glance of what you will find.

We look forward to the New Year and hope you will visit the Mesenia-Paramillo nature reserve in the future to help us continue protecting one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world.

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