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The northwest Andes of Colombia was identified as an area of utmost importance for protection and restoration after Rapid Assessment expeditions were done to identify strategic areas for conservation.


Currently, over 7,000 acres of forests are being protected at the Mesenia-Paramillo nature reserve, which include the "El Olinguito" and "El Puma" forests.


The Mesenia-Paramillo nature reserve is the main watershed of the San Juan Antioquia, San Juan Bravo Choco and Dojurgo rivers, the latter being a main tributary of the San Juan Antioquia river.  

Massifs: Paramillo, Abejorro and El Alto

In the municipality of Andes and Jardin, southwest in the department of Antioquia, lies a series of isolated massifs at heights between 9,500 and 10,200 feet and a low passage at 8,000 ft that allows species to pass from the Pacific slope into the eastern slope of the West Andes. This particularity, added to the confluence of  several mountain ridges has created one of the worlds most biodiverse ecosystems.