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Flagship and endangered bird species at the Nature Reserve  

Dusky Starfrontlet Coeligena Orina

Coeligena orina was known for over 50 years as a subspecies of Coeligena bonapartei proposed by Wetmore in 1953 from a skin of an immature individual (Carriker 1954) (Del Hoyo et al.1999). The type locality was from Paramo de Frontino in the Department of Antioquia at the north end of the western Cordillera.

In Krabbe et al 2005, a population was rediscovered south of the type locality. During three years THC explored mountain peaks above 8,000 feet and found the species in four new areas in southwest Antioquia. This was an important reason to create the Mesenia-Paramillo nature reserve and protect this endangered hummingbird. 

Active nests have been found at Cerro Paramillo which confirmas the species is reproducing at the reserve.